10 Most Common Types of Electrical Repair Services


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Needless to say that today people are highly dependent on electricity in their everyday lives. Therefore, many homeowners try to solve electrical problems as fast as possible. However, DIY electricity repairs are a dangerous idea, and it's always better to turn to professional electrical repair services for help. Here are the ten most common electrical repair services you might find.

1. Home's electrical system check-up and repair

Electrical systems tend to wear down with age and eventually become faulty. Faulty wires and electrical appliances often create life-threatening hazards. In addition, faulty wiring significantly reduces the electrical efficiency of all your appliances, which usually translates into skyrocketing power bills. It's easy to identify a faulty electrical system: the most typical signs include tripping breakers and fuses, burn odors, flickering light, hot switches and sockets, and light switch buzz. If you notice one or more such indicators, reach out to a trusted electrician. A professional electrician will check each wire and outlet to locate the reason for your electrical system's malfunctioning and suggest further steps to fix the problem.

2. Upgrading interior and exterior wiring

In older houses, the wiring is very likely to fail to handle the load of multiple modern-day appliances. That's why it's imperative to upgrade the wiring system to ensure safe and comfortable living in your home. It goes without saying that this kind of job requires professional assistance since the electrical system is complicated. It involves many different components, and the wiring has to meet required standards. In addition, doing this kind of electrical repair without proper equipment and relevant experience can lead to severe injuries or even death.

3. Outlet repair and installation

Plugs are a treasured commodity in our digitally-powered world, calling for immediate outlet repair when a problem occurs. The most common outlet issues include a loose or a very hot plug, sparks, a burning odor, or buzzing.
A licensed electrician can not only repair a faulty outlet but also add new ones. Many people reach out to electricians to add new outlets for easier access to lighting and electronic devices plugs. Not to mention, outlet placement is now a big selling point for renters.
Before installing new outlets and switches, an electrician evaluates the capacity of a home's electrical system to choose the safest options.

4. Electrical panel repair and replacement

Like a furnace or an AC, your electrical panel, also known as a breaker box, has to be the right size to handle the electrical load for your dwelling. So if you have built an addition to your home or installed more or larger appliances, it may be time to upgrade your electrical panel. Also, frequently blown fuses and crackling sounds from fuse boxes are sure indicators that action should be taken immediately.
Get in touch with a licensed electrician as soon as you notice the problem. A professional electrician will inspect your electrical system, locate the problem, and repair or upgrade your electrical panel so that it can effectively meet your household's everyday needs of power consumption.

5. Hard-to-reach light bulbs and smoke detectors replacement

Replacing a light bulb is a no-brainer in most cases. However, when lights burn out on a tall ceiling, or you need to replace batteries in hard-to-reach smoke alarms, you can always turn to professional electricians who have the right experience and equipment to do the job fast and safely.

6. Lighting installation and repair

Another popular electrical service is lighting installation. Professional electricians are trained to provide quality residential lighting installation for all types of lighting, including chandeliers, recessed lighting, security lighting, landscape lighting, and more. Most often, people turn to electricians to install new fixtures when renovating their homes.
However, they sometimes reach out to professionals to help with the problems connected with lighting. For instance, you can experience flickering lights or light that doesn't turn off at all. That might indicate that there's an issue with the wiring connected to the light fixture, or the light bulb socket has worn out. A professional electrician will inspect your faulty fixture, repair or replace it.

7. Underground wiring system inspection and repair

This service is more commonly used in commercial settings, where the major power lines leading to premises lie underground. Inspecting and repairing them involves high risks and should only be done by licensed professionals.

8. Ceiling fan installation and repair

Ceiling fans are a popular option to help cut down on air conditioning costs when the weather turns warm. Many homeowners choose ceiling fans since, apart from their being a practical home cooling solution, ceiling fans can become a perfect addition to interior design.
Fan installation involves complicated and dangerous electrical work, so it is highly recommendable to entrust this job to a professional electrician. An electrician can also help you with the existing ceiling fan issues such as slow blade oscillation, odd sounds, and flickering or dimming lights by inspecting your fan's wiring and installing a replacement.

9. Emergency repairs

Electrical issues can occur when you don't expect them, making emergency electrical repair services enormously valuable. For example, in case of a power blackout, you can immediately contact an emergency service to inspect your electrical system and return it to a normal operating condition..

10. Generator service and maintenance

Your generator needs to be regularly serviced to increase its lifespan. If you live in an area with frequent storms, it is always a wise solution to ensure that your generator is installed correctly and maintained. A professional electrician can detect and repair any faults while preserving the integrity of your generator.

To sum up

Although many homeowners try handling electrical repairs on their own, DIY electrical repairs might turn what could be a minor problem into a very costly one. To avoid risking costly damage and your safety, entrust electrical repairs to professional electricians. Reach out to licensed electricians at https://excellentplumbingus.com/ to get first-rate electrical repair services.


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